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Workers' Compensation

Garden City Treatment Center complies with all state guidelines to fulfill the health needs of the patient and occupational needs of the employer. We offer free case management services, a full service in-house physical therapy facility, dispense select generic medication on-site and utilize a cost effective program designed to track the injured worker's progress.

  Please email us any further inquiries or comments regarding Workers' Compensation Injuries.

Program Benefits

In-house Physical Therapy Facility
As an extension of the Emergency Room’s services, Garden City Rehabilitation Center (GCRC) has combined efforts with Liberty Physical Therapy in order to provide all of our patients with seamless continuity of care and comprehensive physical therapy.
  • Appointments are given to patients within 24 hours of referral.
  • Every patient is evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist and all treatments are supervised by physicians.
  • Treatment approach focuses on manual skills and proper movement.
  • Patient education and instruction through an independent home program are an integral part of our patient care.
Certain generic medications are now dispensed on site, which guarantees no out-of-pocket payment for employees and no wait time at the pharmacy.
  • GCTC complies with all state guidelines to fulfill the health needs of the patient and occupational needs of the employer.
  • We have designed a unique Workers' Compensation Program to track the injured worker's progress.
  • Case managers monitor the progress of the injured worker, make any necessary appointments with specialists and manage all other modalities.
  • Case managers are in constant communication with employers.
  • Computerized forms are provided to employers and insurance carriers.
  • We are committed to expediting our patients' return to work by utilizing each employer's modified duty program. Ultimately, our goal is to return the patient to full duty status.

Affiliated Services

West Bay Orthopaedics
Our established relationship with West Bay Orthopaedics (with locations in Warwick, Cranston and Smithfield, RI) allows for an efficient and convenient patient rehabilitation process.
  • Appointments are given within 24 hours of referral.
  • We coordinate the transition of patient care from Garden City Treatment Center to the orthopaedist.
  • All orthopaedic specialties are available.
  • West Bay Orthopaedics' locations easily provide service for Northern and Southern Rhode Island as well as the East Bay region.

CVS, Walgreens & Phred's Pharmacy
The CVS located on Reservoir Avenue, the Walgreens Pharmacy located on Park Avenue, and Phred's Pharmacy located on Oaklawn Avenue (all in Cranston, RI) are another integral part of our effort to create a Workers' Compensation Program that is both useful and beneficial to employers and employees.
  • No out-of-pocket money is needed by the employee to pick-up his or her full prescription.
  • Prescriptions are faxed to CVS, Walgreens, or Phred's Pharmacy prior to patient pick-up.
  • Since billing services are provided directly by CVS, Walgreens, or Phred's Pharmacy to the workers' compensation insurance carrier, patients are not bothered by billing matters.
  • CVS, Walgreens, and Phred's Pharmacy are well-located near Garden City Treatment Center.