Functional Capacity Evaluation

  • This test provides information about the functional capabilities of an employee. It is an examination to determine an employee's maximal physical performance in a controlled, safe environment. It incorporates the elements of posture, body movements, kinesiology, cardiovascular response, metabolic changes, affective and psychomotor response to provide a detailed report as to a person's functional capabilities and limitations, as well as psychological readiness.
  • The Functional Capacity Evaluation requires 4-8 hours of client testing over one or more days and should take place within the context of the central job demands of competitive employment. This detailed information is then utilized to determine return-to-work status and formulate specific solutions to address concerns and improve or restore function. .
  • Information from this evaluation can also assist in determining the best employment position for a newly hired employee; thereby minimizing risk of injury. It is critical for employers to maintain a healthy workforce at full capacity in order to maintain productivity and increase profits.
  • The goal of the Functional Capacity Evaluation Program is to determine the patient's ability to return to work, decrease lost work days, improve productivity, and reduce re-injury potential. The evaluation can also assist in disability determinations.