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About Us

In 1986, Adib Mechrefe, MD established Garden City Treatment Center as the only privately owned, free standing emergency room licensed by the State of Rhode Island. Over thirty years later, Garden City Treatment Center still retains its original title and treats approximately 40,000 patients annually.

Adib Mechrefe, MD FACEP
Board Certified, Emergency Medicine; Surgery
  • Founder
  • Chief of St. Joseph 's Emergency Room from 1976-1987
  • Member of the American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Member of RI Medical Society
  • Member of Providence Medical Society
  • Fellow of American College of Emergency Medicine
Anthony Mechrefe, MD
Board Certified, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Administrator, Medical Director
William Creighton, MD
Board Certified, Internal Medicine
  • Medical Director
Joseph DeRuosi, MD
Assistant Medical Director, Internal Medicine
Dominador Falguera, MD
Board Certified, Emergency Medicine; Pediatrics
Dilip Sawant, MD
Internal Medicine; Cardiovascular Surgery
Mary-Elizabeth Perry, RN
Nursing Supervisor; Emergency Room Certified
John R. Dufresne, NP
Board Certified, Emergency Medicine; Orthopaedics

Our qualified Nursing Staff consists of Registered Nurses, facilitating Licensed Practical Nurses and Medical Assistants and our Medical Secretaries provide a time efficient and hassle free check-in system.

# We are situated near all major highways. Our location in the Garden City Medical Park building makes it convenient for our patients to be referred to specialists.
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